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Jean-Pierre Pelletier

I am inspired by the concept of tragedy, by featuring protagonists trapped in an already mapped out destiny, with an unequal balance of power between them. This relationship to the tragic leads me to exploit recurring themes in my two-dimensional works: hierarchies between individuals, gender identity, coming of age, current affairs and religious symbols. Imbued with a certain onirism, my works lead the viewer into open interpretations. Collage has a predominant place in my work, since its "insignificance" essentially brings me back to the fragile and tragic condition of the human. I appropriate different images from old books, newspapers and magazines to divert the meaning of them. We could therefore speak of a heuristic approach without preconceived ideas. However, it is also the idea of ​​"games" that is proposed by the collage, leading me to unearth references to the past in order to reinterpret them in a contemporary context. - Jean-Pierre Pelletier